About Us

Since inception, Marck Engineers has adopted a policy of providing the finest expert facilities to all its clients, both national and international.

We accelerated expansion and drive, for optimal performance led to the formation of a multi- divisional organization structure armed with exceptional knowledge and the experience in this area of operation.

Motivating Work Environment, Customer Satisfaction, Team Work, Trust, Commitment to HSE, Honesty, Integrity and Transparency, Quality and Excellence, Innovation and Responsiveness.

The product range has been developed with our complete and undivided attention. No effort has been spared in trying to make our products the best that all our clients money can buy, and we also feel glad to stand guarantee for their performance keeping with our motto progress, progress with dignity and pride.

The company emphasise on Quality Assurance and Design Parameter. lt is proud of the company to set up a Computer Aided Design (CAD) System. The company has on its performance well experienced and Qualified Engineers heading the Departments of Design, Quality Assurance & Production with dedicated team of Technical Staff working under them.

It is company's pride and prestige in having obtained ISO 9001-2000 Certification from RVV- TUV , API 6D, License from American Petroleum Institute. A feather in our crown is that our shop has been approved for manufacturing and testing facilities by TDS & Lloyds.

It is needless to mention that we have been approved by many project consultants and have proved our ability under prestigious inspection authorities like ElL, MECON, BVIS, PDIL, UHDE, Baxcounsel, SGS Inspection Bureau, H & G, Dalal Consultant, ICB, BHEL and many more.