Float Type Steam Trap (Ft-10)

A Float through a simple lever mechanism opens of closes the valve according to the condensate level inside the trap. The opening is proportional with condensate rate. It is unaffected by instantaneous with condensate rate. These types of steam traps are specially used where prompt and continous discharge of condensate is necessary. For such cases float traps are the ideal traps as well automatically control systems to prove adequate heat transfer.

Features :

Low cost of ownership : Stainless stell base for longer life, low maintenance and minimal system downtime.

No live steam loss : Achieved by self aligning valve and water seal.

Erosion resistant : Improved design with simplified flow paths to reduce erosion.

Effective condensate drainage : Modulating valve orifice mechanism that provides complete and immediate condensate removal under all positive pressure load conditions.

Quick start-up : Integral air vent for maximum venting ofair to improve productivity.

High Quality Product : Improved materials and surface finish offer a high quality product.

Impact resistance : Strong float construction guaranteed against waterhammer.