Sluice Valve

    Special Features :
  • Clear Water Having Turbidity upto 5000 ppm and Temperature upto 45° C.
  • Other Fluids with Maximum Pressure / Temperature Conditions within the Scope of IS: 14846.
  • Valves can also be Supplied upto 180° C Working Temperatures with Special Design, Subject to Working Pressure Imitations.
  • Combination of Excellent Design Features of Reputed Overseas Valve Brands
  • Rigid and Sturdy Design with Minimum Loss of Head Across the Valve
  • Perfect Interchangeability of Components Assured Parallelism Between Side Flanges
  • Assured Equal Taper Between Wedge Faces
  • Perfect Machining and Pressing of Body and Wedge Rings
  • Excellent Finish on Spindle Threads Resulting in low Friction and Smooth Operation of Valves
  • Long Service Life and Leak-Tightness Even After Thousands of Open / Close Cycles
    Accessories (Optional) :
  • Position Indicator
  • By-pass Arrangement (200 NB and above sizes)
  • Repacking (Back Seat) Arrangement
  • Spur / Bevel / Worm Gear Arrangement (200 NB and above sizes)
  • Thrust Bearing Arrangement (200 NB and above sizes)
  • Channel and Shoe Arrangement ( Renewable )(300 NB and above sizes)
  • Locking Arrangement
  • Extension Shafting and Head Stock
  • Electric Actuator
  • Drain Plug
  • Chain and Chain Wheel Arrangement