Work Force

Hawa Engineers Ltd. works hard to faster an environment that challenges, motivates and rewards these professional people. Innovative performance and team work are deeply held in corporate values, therefore these values has been reflected on our employees behaviors.

Our employees are hard working, innovative thinkers with total commitment to service our clients, consistently coming up with fresh and unprecedented ideas that, once in progress, will keep our customers with an up-to-date expectation. We also encourage a spirit of friendliness & co-operation between our staff.

All our new employees receive our Foundation Course-in-house training for their first six months. And since the greatest challenge for organization was the staff training, therefore we focus on tailoring-in-house course by qualified trainer and / or by supplier's trainer to match the specific requirements of our Staff in various area such as sales techniques and technical standards, IT training on technology-driven change, internet and telephone connections, These courses are conducted on fully interactive on-job training for the ultimate development of our staff, which is an important element of our continues success.

Our rebust appraisal system, which is consistent across all our operations, allows every employee to set personal goals and realise their potential and we are committed to training at every level, apprenticeships to business management.